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Historic Toronto is Alive and Well

In the last post “Goodbye Doug Taylor” I promised to find a permanent home for Doug’s 900+ posts and what a home I have found!

There were actually a number of volunteers who were willing to come to my rescue and I want to thank them all. But I believe Doug would be happy with the final choice. blogTO has agreed to house his site going forward … not only accommodate his material but to re-post, over time, parts of it on its own site with attribution to Doug, who relished teaching anyone who would listen about the history of Toronto, would be tickled pink that the output of his interests and efforts will be recycled to a broader and basically younger audience.

When you next log onto you will notice changes.  With the help of blogTO and a Historic Toronto follower by the name of Matt Bremer, the site has been modernized, reorganized and, to some extent, decluttered.  But readers can rest assured; his own words and material have not been changed (spelling mistakes and all).  The “About Doug” section is the one where this post and the previous post will reside going forward.

And, for those who continue to ask, there will be a Celebration of Life as soon as a joyous event can be held with mask-less fun-loving family and friends.

Valerie Eggertson, friend, neighbour and executor

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